Microsoft Teams – Unable to create Team from existing Group

Hello, I share with you in this post a workaround to create a Team in Microsoft Teams from an existing group.

Open an Exchange Online PowerShell and run this command line to get the InboxUrl of the group you want to create a Team from.

Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity <Your UnifiedGroup Identity> | Select InboxUrl


Use a browser and connect to the InboxUrl of the UnifiedGroup (OWA). In the mailbox, select the group header and open the associated SharePoint site.


This action provisions the SharePoint Site, now you can create a Team


If you see the below error, don’t worry, refresh the browser.


The Teams has been provisioned.


Click to open Teams


You are done !

Cannot change Profile Picture on Teams

One day, an Office 365 user asked me why he cannot change his Teams Profile Picture. After a few check, we found that a license option was missing on his Office 365 user account. This user account was missing an Exchange Online license.

So, to enable picture adding to a Teams profile, you need to have an Exchange Online license enabled for this profile. Once it’s done, wait for un while or restart Teams and you will see the “Change picture” option appear.

Teams Profile picture

To understand how Microst Teams interacts with Exchange Online, you can read the following complete Microsoft article