Cannot change Profile Picture on Teams

One day, an Office 365 user asked me why he cannot change his Teams Profile Picture. After a few check, we found that a license option was missing on his Office 365 user account. This user account was missing an Exchange Online license. So, to enable picture adding to a Teams profile, you need to... Continue Reading →

Change OneDrive For Business locale

Recently a client asked me how to change locale in bulk for his Office 365 users OneDrive. The thing is that his Office 365 tenant has been created with french as default language, whereas there are many englishspeaking in the company. All office document created in OneDrive online has menu in french and also formula in Excel online documents are in French.

Get your Office 365 users licenses

If ever, you asked yourself one day,  how to quickly view the Office 365 licenses configuration for a group of users in your organization, here is a script that can help you achieve that goal.

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